Finchley Counselling Practice

Couple Counselling

I am a Relate trained counsellor, couples often enter counselling for various reasons:

  • To decide if they want to stay together.
  • Trying to rebuild their relationship after an affair.
  • Seeking ways to improve their relationship.
  • To find ways to support each other after experiencing some of life’s challenges.
  • Going through a transitional stage of life impacting their relationship (e.g. children leaving home).

Couple counselling can really help relationships which are going through difficulties.  My role as a couple therapist is to help facilitate communication which will enable you to explore your issues and to improve the way you relate to each other.

Couple counselling is not always about staying together, it is also very helpful to gain perspectives on why a couple is separating, to learn from the experience and avoid repeating patterns.  To help with the transition of the relationship and in some cases co-parenting after separation.

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time for an initial assessment and agree the best way forward for you.